JuJu Witch Balls

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Bon (good)JuJu Witch Balls

Fashioned in the structure of a Witch Ball, a JuJu ball is made with bright colors and iridized in order to strike up the curiosity of bad juju. Once the bad juju goes to investigate, it ultimately gets too close (as it isn’t too savvy) and is stuck forever in the strands that are magically encapsulated inside. Once captured, the bad JuJu will usually dissipate in the sunlight, and hanging a JuJu Ball in a sunny window will help speed the process. Although we specialize in colored glass of all shapes and sizes, JuJu balls are unique, not only as a handmade product, but also in their orb like shape. Let our Bon Ju Ju not only cleanse but also adorn any room in your home!