Witch Balls XXL, Specialized Effects (10 Inch)

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10 Inch XXL Colossal Witch Balls, the largest we make. Huge. 
are hand blown glass spheres, with 3 to 5 strands inside for collecting evil spirits and ill will. Each one is unique with color, strands, bubbles, and size. Hand blown witch balls can vary in size and color saturation, consistent with the artist’s vision. 

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XXL Witch Ball "Delft Blue" Iridized 10 Inch

XXL Witch Ball "Delft Blue" Iridized 10 Inch

Our glass art witch balls begin as clear recycled glass. As the ball of molten hot glass is formed, the ball is rolled into color glass granules to provide the design. These granules are added to color 60 to 70% of surface of the finished ball, allowing...
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